I help organisations get the most value from their marketing & technology.


Over my years working in marketing with businesses & non-profits, I’ve noticed a growing and concerning trend: the value marketing and technology provides isn’t being communicated, and a lot of money is spent on the wrong things.

I build my services around a deep understanding of what an organisation does best, using analytics to make business decisions based on fact, not assumption.

My services include:


I take a good look at all your current marketing channels, including your website, social media, online advertising, offline ads, PR and more. The audit digs into these areas and figures out what you could be doing better. From there I give you an actionable list broken down into long and short term tasks. Some will be things I can fix, and some will be for your team.



One of the things I’ve found most companies need most is help understanding the data they already have from online and offline channels. Which is why I offer Analytics as a separate service. I can help set up new ways of monitoring website progress, or just help you understand the correct way to measure your current efforts.



Strategy can be directed by an audit, or be based on completing a single project, for example an SEO strategy. But I highly recommend integrating all channels into the strategy, even if the original intention is to just have a digital one. I’ve seen too many strategy documents go unread, so I always ensure my work includes regular actions that can be easily communicated to the relevant people.


Marketing Research

Regardless of how much of a miracle people may make out digital marketing to be, there’s a reason competitor analysis, buying cycle analysis and other more "old-school" practices are still taught in business schools: they work. I just apply new thinking to these to ensure marketing research projects take into account online and offline channels, and relate back to creating more value for your customers and stakeholders.



Whether it’s ad copy, website copy, articles, new business ideas or an overall marketing campaign, I can provide a fresh set of eyes when it comes to creative work. With all creative work I aim to be honest, even if that’s something you may not agree with.


Action, Measure, Learn

As you can probably gather, my work is based on actions. There’s no point doing research and spending money for work that won’t produce something we can actually act upon, and throughout any service I will provide tasks that are broken down into manageable steps.

"Will gets things done! I worked with Will on an iOS app development project. He gave me a clear brief and the distance to get on with the work. Will's calm approach was a boost to the project. He is focused and organised. He managed a complex project with many stakeholders to everyone's satisfaction. And he always paid for the coffee!"

Martin Wright, TinyShinyApps

"I have recently started my own HR consultancy but the site wasn't ranking on Google search. Will was able to quickly analyse the site and put forward tailored recommendations to ensure it was effectively indexed for potential clients."

Sarah Dewsbury, GelHr


Brands I have worked with...