Book recommendation: The Obstacle is the Way

With the amount of articles and news pieces presented to us on a daily basis it's hard to make time to read a real book, so I've started to set myself a goal of one book per month. The Obstacle is the Way is one from a few months ago, and one that has made more of an impact on me than any other.

It is essentially a primer on Stoic philosophy, but the way author Ryan Holiday tackles the subject is by subtly applying it to modern life, and it works well. The book is a nice length; he covers the subject well without getting too intense. It is broken down into small chapters too, and is actually physically really well presented; a nice hardback that is quite a small book, which means it's a great read for when you're moving about a lot.

The title of the book stems from an incredible Marcus Aurelius quote mentioned a lot in Ryan's blog posts, and one which I think will give you an idea of whether you will enjoy the book or not.

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

It's a great introduction to Stoic philosophy, and has actually influenced me to buy more Seneca and Aurelius books from the incredible Penguin Classics range.