Pushbullet - An essential app

Pushbullet is my new favourite app

It's a handy little tool that allows you to 'push' notifications between all your devices.

Want to get a picture from your Android phone to your Mac? Just select share via pushbullet on your phone, and it'll send it over to your Mac straight away. No more emailing yourself or messing about with the cloud when you're in a rush.

Pushbullet also displays notifications from your phone on your computer, meaning you can dismiss new notifications without unlocking your phone. It even allows you to reply to messages from your computer.


The most awesome thing about it is that it works over so many devices, including Chrome browser, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. So once you have logged into Pushbullet on all your devices you can send and receive notifications between them.

Send text and images between devices instantly

A useful example; I was researching something on my work PC using Chrome browser, and saw an address and phone number I ndeeded to use later.

I selected the text, right clicked, pushed to phone, and it was instantly there as a notification. Later on in the day when I needed it, I just copied the text straight from the notification. Lovely.

Cant my note taking app do that?

Yes, Evernote and similar programmes can obviously mean text and images etc can be shared cross platform, but the speed and simplicity of Pushbullet makes it essential.

Update: There is now a dedicated Mac app for pushbullet.