Why is my website design so boring?

A question a few people have asked me: why is my website so plain?

I like to focus on two things that everyone loves and has always loved: text and images. The writing on my website is there to inform or entertain folks, and images are there to support that writing. Much like a book.

And my website, much like all good books ever made; has a white background and black text. You can read it on any device, it looks clear on any device, and there is nothing to distract you. Has a white page with black text ever gone out of style? No.

I understand this alienates a large audience of online users. Nowadays the popularity of things like infographics and buzzfeed have made it clear that we are time poor and people love to see quick breakdowns of information presented to them in a cool way. I understand the importance of showing related content or a large call to action and a mailing list to keep people engaged.

I understand that my site may look a bit boring, but this was my intention. Keeping it simple, and keeping focus on information.