Essential Browser Extensions for Digital Marketers

Here are my top picks for browser extensions for Google Chrome (many are available on Safari & Firefox too) that I use on a regular basis to help me with various tasks.


Most of you are probably using this anyway, but I’ll start with the basics. Pocket is the fastest and most simple way to save articles for later. Visit the Pocket website and make an account, download the app on your phone and use the Chrome extension to save any article you want to read later. From there you can add to your Buffer. Simples.

Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus is a really quick way to see if any of the links on a page are broken. It’ll check them fast at the touch of a button and is great for broken link building campaigns, or just for website maintenance.


Measureit is a super simple extension that measures the pixels on a page. Useful for measuring out widths of blog sections or sidebars etc for optimising images and other resources without needing to check CSS.

Google Tag Assistant

If you use Analytics you’ll want to get this. Tag Assistant is the quickest way to check if Analytics scripts have been added to a website and even gives you solutions if there are potential problems. Essential.

Quick Javascript Switcher

Does what it says on the tin really, just a button in your toolbar to switch Javascript off for the site you’re on. Yeah you can do it in the Chrome settings, but this is much faster. Great for SEO and when you’re trying to see which content is likely to get indexed (properly). Download Javascript Switcher.

Search and Replace

Search and replace is the browser equivalent of the tool commonly available on word processors. It does nothing else special and doesn’t need to. Useful for times when you are editing content directly in a CMS as most don’t have this feature.

Word Count

Word and Character Count Tool is again massively simple and lets you do a word and character count from the right click menu of selected text on a webpage. Great for checking word counts for articles and other pieces for SEO purposes.

Redirect Path

Redirect path is great for SEOs and just saves you from opening up Screaming Frog if you’re going to need to check to see if the page you’re viewing has a hideous amount of redirects.

Open SEO Stats

I’m not usually a fan of browser based on-page analysers, but this one is pretty damn good, and useful for those who are new to SEO as it gives you a really good overview of potential SEO issues of the current URL with one click. It also lists a whole bunch of stuff that you would usually have to go elsewhere to get like Alexa/Pagerank/Whois etc. Get Open SEO Stats here.

Anything I’ve missed off? If you use something regularly that I’ve not included then give me a shout.