Top Ten Games Of All Time

EDIT: this is the very first blog post I ever wrote, when I was terrible at the internet. 

Much to my distaste i work in a Co Op convenience store where every day is a barrel of laughs. With all the delivery to be done me and my good friend Chris decided instead to create a list of the top ten best games of all time. It required a lot of thought (as illustrated) and after around 45 minutes of sorting through a list of about 30 titles we came to this conclusion:

1. The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

2. Bioshock

3. Metal Gear Solid

4. Grand Theft Auto 4

5. Halo

6. Resident Evil 4

7. World Of Warcraft

8. Mario 64

9. Goldeneye

10. Final Fantasy 7

We only included games which we have played, so if a title which clearly deserves to be on the list isn't there, then let me know.