Digital Marketing Services

I am a digital marketer with experience working on brands big and small, and I know how the web works. I live and breath technology and am passionate about what I do, teaching at City University London on Digital Strategy.

I am also a strong believer in being honest, and will always produce work that has recommendations and actions, with less of the 'blue sky thinking' that so many people seem to disguise digital marketing with.

My processes are based on four core working processes:

  • Audit: Analyse current performance using a range of digital tools, providing vital insights
  • Recommend: Based on analysis and insights, recommend appropriate actions for improvement including timescales and priorities
  • Action: Complete those actions, either personally or working closely with your internal team
  • Evaluate: Did the actions have an effect? What was the return on investment from those actions? What future strategies can we adopt?

What are my specialities?

I can help with the following:

Website Audits

I can perform a full analytics based website audit to assess wether a website will perform well in organic or paid search, including usability insights.


The term 'content marketing' bounces round the internet like a beachball at a Nickleback concert, yet many content marketers have little knowledge of how to actually format and write articles for the web. I have the technical knowledge to back up my writing, and can work with you on assessing current content as well as creating future content strategies.

Keyword research

I can perform a full keyword research audit as part of an ongoing SEO or PPC campaign to ensure you are targeting the right keywords and audiences.

Technical SEO

I can assess and diagnose a range of technical SEO problems including: HTML improvements, backlink profile assessment/cleanup, redirect issues, canonical implementation, duplicate content solutions, page crawl errors, manual penalty solutions and more.

PPC Management & Optimisation

I can create, manage and optimise a paid search campaign, ensuring you are spending the correct amount required to reach the right audiences on Google Adwords.


I've noticed that websites are often built with designs that look amazing, but simply are not built for search engines. Organic search can be a huge channel to reach customers, and I can work with you on website builds to ensure your content will have maximum visibility in search results.

For a full breakdown of my work experience and CV, get in touch or add me on LinkedIn using the link at the bottom of the page.