The Best Things I've Ever Bought

Just a few things that are actually worth spending money on

I'm fixated on making lists. This is one I've been wanting to make for a while, and I think it's due to my obsession with quality; particularly when it comes to making things that will really last - something that doesn't happen very often at all.

I won't include things that aren't really relevant or that you wouldn't want to buy now, for example if it was 2007 I'd include the incredible Nokia N95 for sure. I'll also probably (hopefully) keep adding and upgrading this list, slowly but surely. In no particular order:

Mission Workshop Vandal

The vandal really is one of the best things I've ever bought. Perhaps £225 might seem excessive for a rucksack, and I thought that when saving for it, but it's worth every penny.

Made in America with a lifetime warranty, this bag has shown no signs of wear in the nearly 5 years I've had it, including when I got hit by a car whilst wearing it. I use it every day, I've cycled in torrential rain and the contents have remained 100% dry, whilst the backbone of the bag will make sure nothing digs into you whilst wearing it, even for extended periods of time.

Kinoko are the UK stockists of this bag for life.

Howies Merino Wool T-shirt

People may look at you strange when you say you're wearing a wool t-shirt on a hot summer's day, but Merino is really special. I've bought 2 Howies merino tops now, and I wear my polo every day on the cycle to work. I've had it over 3 years and it still looks just as good as the day I bought it.

Here's the thing; it never, ever smells. Howies explain it better. Again £60 is expensive for a t shirt, but it's worth the money.

iPad Air

Not a particularly interesting or unknown product here, but I just absolutely love my iPad. It's consistently useful, it's entertaining when I want it to be, I read on it, I write on it, I organise my life with it. The hardware feels amazing to hold and the performance is ridiculously fast. It's an accessory to my life now, and I much prefer using it over my phone, and it doubles as a laptop replacement for the more simple tasks.

A Good Notebook

I try to keep as many aspects of my work life digital, and use stuff like Google Drive and Evernote religiously to organise everything and save time in the future when I need to find things. But you can't beat the productivity of pen and paper. I still write todo lists on paper, and take all meeting notes and ideas using a notebook.

When I say a 'good notebook' I mean one that is solid, has cost you a bit of money, and will last longer than your average Pukka Pad. I'm currently using a Moleskine Evernote smart notebook; really for the included Evernote subscription, and the notebook is around £15 on Amazon. There are many similar (and better) options though, if you don't use Evernote.

Yes it's a lot of money for a paper notebook, but I write everything in it, all my work, ideas, todos, etc all go in here. And it goes everywhere with me, so I never have to wonder where those meeting notes are or where I wrote that random password down - it's always in my notebook. This is why I recommend spending more money on one; because you end up taking better care of it, writing more clearly in it, and making it your own.