Health and Fitness Writing

I currently write on a freelance basis on the subject of training, supplements and nutrition.

I am available to hire for article writing, website copywriting or research projects on a freelance basis. I have 4 tiers of pricing:

  • Short articles without references: £40 per 500 words
    • Ideal for SEO or opinion pieces
  • Website copy: £30 per 500 words
    • Page copy and product information
  • Longer, referenced pieces: £100 per 1000 words
    • Ideal for articles based on a specific subject or answering a specific question
  • In depth research peices, bespoke to a subject on nutrition and training: contact me (above)
    • Longer research pieces will be based purely on referenced findings, and will usually be 'science over experience', quantitative pieces and literature reviews without a conclusional bias.

Brands I've worked with

Examples of Content

Here are a few examples of content I have produced at varying levels of depth. For more examples, please get in touch using the link in the menu.

Love Life Supplements

An in depth look at the benefits of 5-HTP and the science availalbe to back it up.

Maxi Nutrition

A short blog post I wrote for Maxi Nutrition on Protein Snacking on their blog.

Protein Lifestyle

For an example of a medium length article aimed at those with a small knowledge of training, with references, check out my article here on The Protein Lifestyle Blog.

Gym Talk

I have written many articles for Gym Talk, a blog aimed at males and females who weight lift, with a strong focus on humour. I love writing for Gym Talk, and not just because we swear a lot, but because we are honest and unbiased about supplements in our reviews.

For an example of an in-depth, longer review of a supplement, check out my article on Maxinutrition's Cyclone Stack.

For an example of an article with a strong humour focus and plenty of swearing, check out my article on Animal Pak

Personal writing

For an example of a longer article on a specific health and fitness subject, check out my article on Direct Selling from my own blog.